There comes a time in some peoples lives when they have to make financial decisions. Some of these decisions are to cut down on their budget in order to sometimes afford medical supplies or even clothing that they were not prepared for. Because of this the food budget is the first to be cut and that affects the whole family.

With out the proper nourishment some of these people, particularly the children suffer with colds, flews and even more serious diseases, more often than people who receive proper foods during the course of any given day.

Proper foods mean proper nourishment which amounts to better living and through the proper maintenance of food supplies, following the Canada Health Food Guide, our food bank helps with this challenge

We are a committed group of people who with the aid of our community help to prepare proper food supplies to those who require assistance.

The following pages you are about to see is a summary of what we do for this community.

If you should decide, after reading this material, you would like to make a financial contribution to our food bank we would be glad to provide you with a charitable tax receipt for your tax purposes.

The following links are provided to you for your viewing. Some of our sponsors have web sites of their own and their links will also be posted on our sponsors list.

You can contact us at the following:

Snail mail: 1230 Parisien Ave Sudbury Ontario P3A 3B4

Phone: (705) 524 0237




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