Handy Tips and Helpful Hints!

In this section of our web site you will find some handy tips for in and around the home and car. If you find that some of these will help you then by all means use them. If you have any handy tips or helpful hints and you want to share them with us please email them to us and we will place them here with the others. guidinglight@unitz.ca


It is always safer to back your car into the driveway. When you leave the driveway you are able to see more of what is coming each way.

Give yourself enough time so you don't have to rush to fast to get to where you are going. This will eliminate a lot of hassles during you busy day. Sometimes being rushed will make you vulnerable to mistakes and those mistakes could cause some severe damage to you or to someone else. Drive Safely......


Remember those handy cap parking spaces are for people who need to park close to the building and not for the 5 minute stop over. In some communities the fines are $200.00 and up.

When driving please leave enough room between you and the car in front of you. This will give you enough time to stop with out having to introduce yourself to the driver infront of you.

Always wash your vehicle from the roof and work your way down.


If you chew gum while peeling onions you will prevent your eyes from watering.

Ashes can be easily picked up with masking tape instead of having to drag out the vaccum.

Be sure that you disconnect any electrical appliances you are not using fora long period of time or when you are going away for a holiday.

Let someone know you are going away and get them to take all your mail and papers that pileup at your door way. This is a sign that you are away and it becomes an invite to burglars who will take advantage of your not being there.

It is also good to let the local authorities know that you are going away for a long period of time. This will make them aware that your home needs some attention and when they have time they will usually do a drive by just to show your home is being watched from time to time.

If your not using your lights in a room turn them off. It saves on your hydro bill.

Don't overload your washing machine. Your machine will not wash your laundry properly and will nto remove the water from your clothes which will make your dryer work harder.

Place electric plug protectors in your receptacles that you are not using. This will protect little chilfren from sticking their fingers and other items in the wall and hurting themselves.

It is alway wise to turn off your computer during a thunder storm.

In a thunderstorm you shuld make sure you have an emergency kit near by just incase of power outages. In your kit you should have some candles and matches or a lighter, flash light, fresh batteries, water bottle with fresh water just incase. Radio with batteries, coloring book and crayons for the kids to amuse themselves. Deck of cards or some sort of a family game that doesn't require too much light. Blankets are a good idea as well pillows just incase your in for a long haul.




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